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What StreamerOne is

StreamerOne is a webcasting system capable to deliver over internet high quality audio and video to a theoretically limitless number of contemporary users.

Until yesterday webcasting live events or television channels for tens thousand of customers at the same time was pure fantasy. In fact the distribution of the video using conventional streaming technology (unicast) depends on technical parameters such as:

  • upload speed of the unicast provider
  • processing capability of the server (or cluster of servers) involved in streaming
All above implies that unicast costs are directly proportional to the number of users which must be served and to the quality of the video (number of pixels per frame and number of frames for second) that the provider wants to distribute.

StreamerOne is the first streaming P2P platform fully based on Italian technology now available together with international expertise, know how and technological infrastructures in order to satisfy every requirement of professionals, companies and organizations.
Windows Version - Beta 0.5 - 09/07/2008
Linux Version Download StreamerOne Beta 0.3
Beta version released on April 5, 2006

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