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Which is the latest version of StreamerOne and where can be found?
The latest version of StreamerOne is always available in the official site of the application at
At this time the latest StreamerOne available version is Beta

Which are the main characteristics of this version with respect to the previous one?

  • A new control has been set to avoid multiple sessions for the application.
    It has been eliminated the mechanism based on the file streamerone.lock for inhibiting the start of a second application when StreamerOne is not shut down using the Exit button. Now it is possible to close the application also from command X of the Windows window of the application. In this case the application does not stop to operate but conserve its state of activity for one eventual successive reopening. For the complete closing of the application the Exit button is always present. In alternative the closing can be forced within the Task Manager eliminating the 2 StreamerOne.exe processes that are present when StreamerOne is active.

  • The user can configure TCP ports for the application
    The version Beta 0.3 uses default TCP ports ranging from 10000 to 11000 (limit values included). The user can modify these values changing the configuration set in the config.ini file in the StreamerOne installation folder. Needed ports are 2 at least. The possibility to set TCP ports is especially useful when a firewall is present in the LAN: in this case the user must open the same TCP StreamerOne ports in the firewall. UNMATCHED CONFIGURATION BETWEEN CONFIG.INI AND FIREWALL WILL TAKE THE USER IN A LOW PRIORITY LIST WITH A POOR VISION OF VIDEO.

  • The user can configure a preferred player path
    In the config.ini file it is now possible to define the path for the preferred video player. The default value is set to C:\Programmi\Windows Player\wmplayer.exe

How to install StreamerOne? - Beta version
StreamerOne is released with a .zip file that has to be unzipped. The operation generates a setup .exe file that must be launch. Following the installation instructions the result is a desktop icon linked to the StreamerOne.exe file

Does StreamerOne contain spyware, worm or other software that could damage the PC or hack the privacy?
Definetely NO

Is the use of StreamerOne legal?
Definetely YES. The Peer To Peer (P2P) technology is used by StreamerOne in order to deliver video originating from a source which is known and having the rights to distribute contents over Internet.

StreamerOne operating instructions
After having double clicked the StreamerOne icon on the desktop, a web page appears showing the list of available channels. The user can select the channel of interest clickinh on its name. The selected channel name will appear above the black player area with % of buffering that shortly afterwards begins to grow from the value of zero towards 100%. When the percentage catches up 80% the video player starts automatically. At the beginning the video and the audio can proceed in jerks but after a while the stream will be smooth.
In order to exit from the channel, without closing the program, use the Quit button.
It is possible to pass from a channel to an other in the list clicking on the new channel while this is still in execution.
In order to exit StreamerOne use the Exit button. In case you terminate the application without using the Exit key, the application will remain in execution in background.
The Play button can be used to open the player again after that it had been closed without having closed StreamerOne.

Which Player can I use to visualize the channels with StreamerOne?
There are several players which can be used: Windows Media Player 9 or greater, VLC, Media Player .All these players can be downloaded from the web sites of relevant producers.

Shall I have a particular connection to Internet for using StreamerOne?
In order to use StreamerOne you must enter Internet trhough an ADSL connection at least. It is not sufficient to use a modem 56K. Moreover the real ADSL upload speed must be 180 kbps at least. Measure your real internet speed free tools that can be found in Internet. As an example here or here. If your upload speed in less than 180 kbps you could have troubles in viewing the video. Your real internet speeds depends on many factors but first of them is service quality offered by your provider.

When StreamerOne starts I can see only "Connection in progress. Please wait..." and the channel list does not appear. What does it mean?
In this case some protection of your PC is blocking StreamerOne. Check the firewall or the operating to enable the execution of StreamerOne.exe

I use a firewall. Are there any limitation?
The default configuration for StreamerOne beta0.3 uses TCP ports ranging between 10000 and 11000. In the config.ini file the user can configure another TCP port range among those free until the 65535. It is recommended not to use those smaller than 1024 as they are used by the main applications in the PC. At present it is possible to define only one range made up of 2 consecutive values. The same ports will have to be opened in OUPUT in the firewall of your LAN

ATTENTION: those users who behind a firewall will not open the ports to communicate with other peers will be part of a group running at low priority with consequent worsening of the video quality. It is therefore strongly recommended to set up the firewall properly.

For those who use a proxy server
The proxy could give some troubles in forwarding user requests. Usually the proxy is set up with only few ports (port 80 for HTTP etc..).
When StreamerOne opens it contacts the system server on port 8000. If not properly configured the proxy can cancel the request. The proxy must be configured to manage requests on ports between 6000 and 8000 included

I use a router. Are there limitations?
In this case it is necessary "to map" PC private IP addresses with public IP addresses assigned by the provider to the user

Despite all the above suggestions I have not resolved my problems. What to do?
Please send an e-mail to

Windows Version - Beta 0.5 - 09/07/2008
Linux Version Download StreamerOne Beta 0.3
Beta version released on April 5, 2006

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